The Membership of £800 includes 1 full member and 3 associates, with 1 free space to 2 conferences per year – What is the cost for the associates to attend conferences / events during the membership period?

The cost for any associates is £100 per person to our main day event which is usually a Friday in September.
The second conference would be between £50 & £100  per associate member.  The cost depends on where we host the conference.
Any associate can attend for free in lieu of the full member is necessary.

Are there are further costs for the full member?  And associates?

Our September Conference gives members the option to attend the evening before.  This includes an AGM and pre-conference dinner, a good networking event – mainly a social do.  If delegates wish to stay overnight and join the AGM and pre-conference dinner there is an additional cost of £100 (this includes dinner bed and breakfast).  

If other staff wanted to attend conferences, but were not associate members, would this be the additional £50.00 fee?  What other costs would they incur? How far in advance of an event would they need to join?

It depends on how many members attend.  Anyone from your trust can attend in lieu of either a full or associate member.  If you had all 4 attending then yes it would be more cost effective for you to enrol them as additional members.  The cost would depend on what month they join.  Membership runs from May to May so I would bill you according to how many months membership would be required. (e.g. for September conference £50/12=4.16  So £4.16 x 8=33.28)
You could do this anytime up to 2 weeks of the conference date.

Could you detail exactly what members/associates receive / can access – i.e the benefits of membership?

A distribution email list that all members automatically belong to, it allows members to raise questions to the membership base and receive answers quickly.

Recent topics of conversation in March and April have been:
Information required about people with learning disabilities and mental health problems
dual diagnosis national e-learning package
Safety Thermometer
Relationship Management Strategy
Physical restraint related deaths
Mental Health Advice Desk
Caseload weighting tool for community teams

The Aspiring Directors programme: A special interest group within the forum that has two work streams run annually; a set of master classes and career development.  These services are provided free to members.  

A Consultant Nurse group – which members can be actively involved in if they wish.  This group plan to hold one conference per year, costs will be kept to a minimum for members.

A Matrons and Clinical Leads group – which members can be actively involved in if they wish. 

In essence the Forum firstly provides a platform for Nurse Executives to learn from each other’s experience in our current day to day activities and more importantly look forward to the future agenda, so we are best prepared to provide leadership in development services, to offer the best for patients.  This is excellently supported by our conferences which we hold throughout the year and are well attended.  The forum has nearly 90% of all mental health trusts as members and therefore is well placed to also share views of what the future development should look like on a national platform.